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Selected Vid's from YouTube
Namokar Mantra
Namokar Mantra" (णमोकार मंत्र) is the fundamental prayer in Jainism and can be recited at any time of the day.

Jai Jinendra
A proper way to recite Jai Jinendra to your friends and family from those who went for the Young Jains UK retreat.
Jain Derasar (Potters Bar, UK) 
First Shikharbandhi Derasar outside India built within landscape gardens in Potters Bar Hertfordshire.See the ancient craftmanship and architecture of Jain Derasar (Temple).
Mangal Divo
Mangal Divo song illustrated with yakshi yaksha couples.
Young Jains Sweet Harmony
Excerpt from a Young Jains Sweet Harmony event in 2004.
Young Jains UK Convention 2009
Bridge the Gap in your understanding. Find out how the different pieces of the Jain Jigsaw fit together. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, to seek the truth and see the big picture.

Little Jains
Jain Association In North America (JAINA) had a conference in NJ with a theme of "Peace Through Dialogue." We asked our Little Jains their thought on it...  
Jain cultural songs
Cultural songs played by children.
Namokar Maha Mantra
Unknown singer, but adapted with Sanskrit and Latin letters by Jules Jain.
Jain Way of Life
Non-Violence, Non-Absolutism, Non-Possessiveness. Developed by JAINA. 

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